One thing about living in the country…if the power goes out, your well goes out. When there are people, animals, and crops that all desperately need water, running out isn’t an option. Not to mention toilets that need flushed…just being real! It’s not very lucrative or space friendly to try and “stock-up” on water…so how do you make sure you won’t run out in case of an emergency?

One option is the bucket system- aka going to the nearest lake/swamp/river and hauling back your water. It’s pretty primitive, laborious, and probably unsanitary…but it would work if ya had to.

Another option is a professionally drilled hand pump. That’s a great option, if you can afford it. However, if you’re like us with a slightly tighter budget…then lucky for you, there’s a much more affordable option!

Option #3: You can install your very own shallow well and hand pump! It’s not necessarily safe to drink, however, so you will have to get your water tested and probably purchase a filtering system…but at least you’ll have plenty of fresh water! Also, be informed of your surroundings- if there’s a large field of pesticide ridden crops or chemical run-off from roads- this may not be a good option for you. At the very least, if your surroundings aren’t ideal you will have to get a water treatment system (ie-Berkey or similar product).

We don’t have to worry about chemicals where we live, so moving on here…

We utilized a water-drilling method that calls for pvc pipe, two hoses, and a pump. You can read the original article for a complete step-by-step. The overall cost was less than $75 to install. It’s a little time consuming, but in just one weekend you’ll be ready to roll!

We ordered our hand pump and bought the pvc supplies at the local hardware store. Then we picked a nice cool day to get started (it was only 89 degrees that day instead of 95 like the week before).

Here’s a brief picture summary of our well installation:

  1. Once we had our amazing contraption all set up, Handsome Hubby picked the perfect location and started water-drilling.DigWell1
  2. He started out with his handy helper close by…like father, like son! (PS- it was game day…notice all the Orange & Blue)DigWell2
  3. After the first 10 feet of drilling, things slowed down quite a bit. Swamp Kids and animals alike got bored and started exploring….Swamp Girl found a baby lizard while riding her jeep, and Kitty wanted the intel about it’s exact Swamp Girl resisted Kitty’s interrogation tactics, Kitty gave up and went searching for butterflies…Bored-Kitty
  4. Meanwhile….Swamp Boy was picking Mama some beautiful flowers!Flowers-from-my-baby
  5. Okay…back to the well! Handsome Hubby finally managed to get to the 20 foot depth we wanted (it only took a short 4 hours!!!)Finally-20-ft
  6. Now it was time to cut the hose device so we could install the inner permanent water pipe.Cut-off-the-hose-attachmentInserting the smaller pipe…..taking care not to drop it in the hole before attaching the next pipe!Installing-water-pipe1
  7. Now for the fun part…pulling out the digging pipe that has tremendous suction from the wet sand below. Okay– the fun is really only for me, because I have an excuse to snap shots of the Handsome Hubby’s muscles! MusclesI knew it was 20 feet of pipe…but seeing it straight up in the air somehow makes it seem like much more!Pull-Up-the-Dig-pipe
  8. Tadaaaa! The well is officially in! Now for a high-tech end cap while we prep the finishing touches…High-tech-well-cap
  9. The Swamp Papa and my Handsome Hubby threw together this awesome well pump table, made out of reclaimed wood. I LOVE IT! Everything’s ready to be cemented in!Ready-for-cement
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen…..WE HAVE WATER!We-Have-Water

This kind of pump needs to be primed with water before pumping, so keep a bit of clean water handy in the event you have an emergency water situation.

If we ever need to use this water for drinking purposes we will use a filter. We chose this brand because it is very economical and has excellent reviews. Given that we don’t have chemicals or pesticides in our water, it’s the perfect option for us!

We’re loving this latest addition to our swamp farm, and the kids aren’t tired of pumping yet (we will see how long that takes).
A hand-pump well makes a great addition to any landscape, so give it a try– and call a couple friends to come take turns water-drilling for four hours haha!

Have you ever put in a hand-pump-well? Would you like to? I would love to hear your input below!

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