Pigs-Cover-photoWe are pleased to announce the newest members of our Swamp Farm, The Three Little Pigs!

They are all Yorkshire cross piglets, two girls and one boy. We have heard that Yorkshire pigs are the best bacon pigs, fingers crossed! This is our very first time trying pigs, and it’s already been quite the adventure!

No matter how many times people try to warn you, it seems like there’s no better teacher than first hand experience. I can’t tell you how many times we heard from family, friends and our research that pigs are masters in the art of escape! So one would think that we would go above and beyond in our effort to build their pen, right? (I think you can see where this is going….)


Piggies headed to their new home!
Piggies headed to their new home!


We thought we had adequately built their fence. So we brought them home and happily placed them in their pen. They seemed to like their new home, and the corn we had given them. We had already sured up a few suspicious gaps before we put them in, since the piggies were actually smaller than we expected.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough.

We came out the next morning to all three piggies rooting around the yard. And if you’ve ever heard someone say, “it’s like trying to catch a greased pig”… well now I know what they mean ๐Ÿ™‚ . Pigs are fast, nimble, and agile! They also have extreme endurance, and yes- they can find and squeeze through a hole where there wasn’t one!

*Warning- there is a serious lack of pictures in this post. Taking pictures was not exactly the first thing on my mind during our little adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰

Handsome Hubby started the chase, I had been getting ready for church- but quickly altered my attire to be more conducive to pig catching. By the time I came out we thought all three were gonners- lost in the swamp. But then we noticed the little Houdinis on the complete other side of the property, an open field. Yay, right???

We snuck up on them and managed to catch Pork-Chop (the boy) quickly. The girls, Bossy and Bacon, took off into the garden. That was actually really helpful because it’s covered in 2″ chicken wire on three sides. This enabled us to catch Bacon, but when we came back for Bossy she managed to root under one corner and the chase was on!

We tried – in vain – to cut her off, but she ran under the front gate and across the street. She continued to run down the street with Handsome Hubby hot on her trail (all those years of soccer training were coming in handy). He came within millimeters of grabbing her as she squeezed under the neighbor’s gate. But alas, the Lord must have wanted us to meet the neighbor that day. Our kind, and very understanding, neighbor allowed us to search her property for our lost piggy. Sadly, we didn’t find her and headed home with a score of two out of three.

Handsome Hubby spent the rest of the morning lining the pen with boards and securing the corners. I was bringing him a much needed ice-water when lo and behold, there came Bossy walking up the driveway! *Giving all the recognition to the Lord on that one, we had chased her really far from home and she was GONE!

We took cover behind the truck so she would come all the way up to the cage her buddies were in. She honed in on the corn we had dropped on the ground, and must have been really hungry after her morning exercise because she didn’t want to leave it. She ran a couple loops around the pen, but ultimately was caught and put in the cage with the others while Handsome Hubby finished reinforcing their pen.

They were happy to be back in their pen, resting in the shade after their escapade. We were relieved to have them contained too.

L-R: Bacon, Bossy and Pork Chop
L-R: Bacon, Bossy and Pork Chop


WHEW! What a morning, and lesson learned! We may not have made it to church that day, but we felt the Lord’s mercy and were grateful for good neighbors!

Luke 14:5 (NKJV)

5ย Then He answered them, saying, โ€œWhich of you, having a donkey[a] or an ox that has fallen into a pit, will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day?โ€

Blessings, and bacon, from the Swamp Farm!

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