Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this weekend! We made an entire weekend out of ours, filled with lots of family time, laughs, and FOOD!

We decided to kick off Thanksgiving Day by pampering the animals with their own Thanksgiving feast… Mmmm, old apples and sweet potatoes (yes- that’s definitely for the birds! and goats…). Animals-Thanksgiving-Feast


First stop, our home-hatched chicks – which are not really chicks anymore, and it turns out 4 out of the 5 are roosters, so yeah…Chickens-Thanksgiving-Feast


The girls knew they were next, and eagerly awaited their num-nums! Goats-TG-Waiting-for-Dinner


At first they weren’t too sure about those sweet potatoes, but the apples tasted yummy and they soon devoured it all!Goats-TG-Dinner


Beau kept calling to make sure we didn’t forget to share the Thanksgiving love – How do ya like that, got him eating out of our hands…Beau-TG-dinner


Zeb, our Miniature Zebu steer, still suffers from a lack of trust…and I honestly can’t blame him. He wouldn’t venture out for a taste until after we left. Oh well, I hope he liked his goodies!


We spent the rest of that day and the next enjoying our family that we are truly so blessed to have! (There MAY have been a little shopping thrown in for good measure…) We also enjoyed some delicious food, like my secret family recipe for Pumpkin Roll and some amazing homemade cranberry sauce! Until I tried this year, I never knew it was so easy to make!

The BEST Pumpkin Roll known to mankind!
The BEST Pumpkin Roll known to mankind!
Delicious, all-natural Honey Cranberry Sauce...in the making!
Delicious, all-natural Honey Cranberry Sauce…in the making!


Then on Saturday, after our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, we processed two does from Handsome Hubby’s successful hunting trip! It’s the sweet taste of justice for those does who filled up on our garden earlier this year. We made Italian sausage, ground venison, canning meat, and of course steaks! Three cheers for a full freezer! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!┬áHip-hip-hooray!Handsome-Hubby's-Doe

Breakfast sausage and eggs made a great dinner!
Breakfast sausage and eggs made a great dinner!


We also did a bit of decorating for Christmas! (Still working on the pictures…you’ll have to tune in to our next Swamp Farm update for those!)


We finished out this holiday weekend with a wonderful church service (where my sister-in-law played drums in the worship band for the first time, woohoo!) and then rested after a busy and wonderful long weekend. Cuddly family, cozy fire, and a book about the first Thanksgiving. It doesn’t get much better than that!Fire


We hope you had a blessed Holiday weekend with lots of family, friends and good food too!

PS- Christmas is literally right around the corner! Take advantage of our Christmas shipping special, and order your Christmas Soap sets today!


–Blessings from the Swamp Farm!

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