Things have been rather busy here on the Swamp Farm.

Baby White...the wandering Araucana chicken.
Baby White…the wandering Araucana chicken.


We have been so preoccupied with non-farm related tasks, that we have turned down the rows of the garden and let them go fallow. Don’t go into shock! Stick with me here…

With new chickens that prefer to play “chicken” on the road, and apparently in the dog’s yard…life has been anything but dull.┬áIn fact, Baby White (pictured above) actually decided to wander into the dog’s yard this morning. Sadly, my son’s favorite chicken became a doggy dinner.


On the bright side, we do have a bunch of these….


Green eggs and ham, Dr. Seuss would be so proud! I love Araucana eggs, not that they taste any different from brown eggs…they’re just more fun to use. Some would say they’re healthier too, and that may be – I guess I’m mostly enjoying their superficial properties though. They make my egg basket so pretty and they make a delicious Crustless Quiche! <drool>


Our three little pigs are growing, this picture makes them look deceptively small. They’re big, but not as big as I thought they would be by now. Bossy (the pink one) is a bit of a hog when it comes to the food, and she doesn’t play nice with others. Amidst the biting and blocking techniques she does to try and keep the food for herself, Bacon (the orange one) actually eats the most food and therefore is the largest. Bacon is also the friendliest, which is why she has earned herself the golden ticket of survival from this year’s harvest. We will be keeping her to breed a new generation of piglets.



And our newest (long time in the making) adventure….kids!! Of the goat variety!!!!

Our mama’s are both due this month, and boy do they look like it! Their udders are swollen with incoming milk and their bellies- well, their bellies are wide and oblong!

We are just giddy with anticipation, being their first year of kidding we don’t have any idea what the kids will look like or how many to expect. Beauregard (the sire) is very colorful and has a great shape, so we are hoping he will lend some good traits to the kids.

Beau has newly discovered how to climb over his gate to go visit the girls…not cool. Handsome hubby put up a new gate in the buck pen, and so far so good. Let’s just say Beau isn’t taking too well to being separated from his ladies… “Meeeehhhhhh!”


Oh, and I’ve been making soap….lots of soap! We have some exciting things coming up over the next few months. Christmas soaps will be released very soon, provided I can manage to part with them…they smell divine <swoon>.

Also, we have partnered up with First Magnitude Brewing Company (a local Gainesville, FL brewery) and have been crafting a lovely new soap that will be for sale at The Source!

So stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram for more details!


That will have to do for now, dogs are barking and Swamp Kiddos need a Dr. Seuss lunch!
Blessings from the Swamp Farm…