Growing up in the south, it has always boggled my mind that “Spring” technically starts well into what feels like summer!

By mid-June it’s long past the point of cool nights and crisp mornings…unrelenting heat, humidity and afternoon showers are the order of just about every day. I’m not complaining though, I’ll take that any day over blustering blizzards and shoveling snow!

After all, with all this extra heat comes an extended growing season! We had such a mild winter this year. We didn’t have to cover our plants more than a couple of times, and our garden choices were frost-resistant…take a look at the kale, it’s still going strong!Kale


Early this spring we planted heirloom seeds from last year’s green corn, and it’s well over our heads and producing plenty of ears! Handsome Hubby is already brainstorming all the possible meals he wants me to make with it 😉 (corn tortillas, cornbread, corn chips with our own garden salsa…the list keeps growing).

Green (Oaxacan) Corn
Green (Oaxacan) Corn




We are trying out several heirloom tomatoes this year, and so far the Dutchman Tomatoes take the cake! They were the strongest of our starters, and continue to out perform the rest. I can’t WAIT for that first tomato sandwich and all the fresh salsa, spaghetti sauce and….okay, okay I better stop before I make myself too hungry!Dutchman-Tomato


CARROTS!!! I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love growing carrots. That being said, it didn’t really go very well the first few times we tried. We just couldn’t get a real crop of carrots, BUT–I am thrilled this year at how well our carrots are doing. The tops are so fluffy and full, I can just imagine the tasty roots growing under that soil! Handsome Hubby managed to find the secret recipe for mastering the carrots this year, and it’s so rewarding!!!Carrots


The only thing that has me more enthusiastic than the carrots is our melon/sunflower garden! We have three different varieties growing this time, a bush watermelon and two different cantaloupes. All three are heirloom varieties and, as long as we keep out the deer, should produce plenty of melons to go around!

Baby Sunflowers
Bush Jubilee Watermelon
Bush Jubilee Watermelon


Eden's Gem Melon
Eden’s Gem Melon


Estido 47 Melon-- some fuzzy little guys!
Estido 47 Melon– some fuzzy little guys!


We’re looking forward to the fresh garden veggies and cool melons to help break up the heat this summer. There’s nothing quite so refreshing as biting into a melon on a hot sunny day!

PS- The chicks are looking more like chickens every day….. fingers crossed for more hens than roosters this year!chicks-growing-up

And, it’s almost breeding time for the goats- the Swamp Kiddos can’t wait for goat kids and that fresh milk to go with their new favorite cookies, Chocolate-Chip Pecan Macaroons (recipe coming soon)!chocolate pecan-macaroons

Wherever you are, we hope you are enjoying the remnants of Spring. Signing off here at the Swamp Farm with a beautiful Summer night sunset– in the “Spring”!


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