It’s that time of year again when the air is crisp with the smell of Autumn, the breeze is blowing, and everything “Fall” is in full swing!

Leaves (and trees…and thus more leaves) have fallen in the yard, and green to brown is about as colorful as it gets down here. Fortunately, we have other things bringing color in our garden and flower beds right now. We have improved our fences too, since the deer were beginning to get used to the doggy-deterrent we had been utilizing. (And don’t you just love those mums up there? So far they’re helping shield my roses from the deer, so I’m really loving them!)

By far, the garden items I am MOST excited about this fall are my PIE PUMPKINS! This is a variety bread for the south, and so far they look great!Pie-Pumpkins-Fall-2015They are a bush variety, and we have wide rows, so I’m really excited to see how these little babies do!


Next up are the cucumbers! We are trellising them this time in hopes that they won’t take over horizontally this go-around (fingers crossed).Cucumbers


Zucchini, spinach greens, pole beans, and sweet potatoes are all growing strong (I’m thinking baked sweet potatoes are a must for dinner tonight)!




Spinach Greens


Pole Beans


Sweet Potatoes


We had a few surprises this Fall…
Apparently the chickens didn’t eat all their scraps because we had several lovely tomato plants spring up behind the coop. So we transplanted them into the garden….it will be a surprise to see what variety we end up with!

Tomato Transplant
Tomato Transplant


Another surprise we encountered was a rogue watermelon vine that sprouted from one of our heirloom varieties left over from our spring garden. So we are going to “let it go” and see what happens!

Unexpected Watermelon
Unexpected Watermelon

Lastly, we had given up hope on seeing any carrots this winter, but then today I noticed something….


We have carrots!!! Every 8 inches or so these beautiful little fluffy tops are springing up! The Handsome Hubby and I could hardly believe it! (Carrots haven’t exactly been our “thing” lol) It’s been over a month since we planted them and I fully expected to see no carrots this year, but I’m so happy that wasn’t the case!

So while it may not be quite the garden we had planned on this Fall, it’s shaping up to be a great one!


Have you decided to plant a Fall garden this year? What did you plant? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Blessings from the Swamp Farm…

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