Last week I gave you an update on how Fall was treating us here at the Swamp Farm….so this week I thought I would give you an update on how the Swamp Farm Animals are doing!



I suppose we’ll start with Kitty, who is loving this Fall weather so much that she decided to celebrate by bringing me some breakfast! I’m not a huge fan of stiff mole, but one less in my garden works for me!
Eat up Miss Kitty 😉Kitty's-Breakfast2



Next up are the chicks, remember these cute little fluff balls we hatched back in July?Chicks-August-2015


They have REALLY grown! Not only are they almost full grown, we have discovered 3 out of the 5 are roosters!! Does anyone need a rooster?Chicks-October-2015



On my morning rounds today, the girls decided to pose for you.
Here’s Rose’s good side…Rose



Now Petunia’s turn…I think she wanted a kiss, but I’m not Beauregard…he’s up next!Petunia



Ahhh yes, the main man, Mr. Beauregard! Such a handsome face, I do declare! (Just be glad there’s no such thing as a smell-screen, he’s a stinky boy!)Beaugregard



They are all Nubian dairy goats, and only about 8 months old. They’re growing strong and have full healthy bellies! The Swamp Kiddos can’t wait for the fresh milk to start flowing….one day…
In the meantime, check out our wonderful clearance Purple Lavender Goat Milk soap!


Now Little Zeb, our Miniature Zebu calf, is growing in size…but not in trust! After the Handsome Hubby and his manly crew performed a “procedure” on Zeb, his trust may never be earned. Poor little guy, just keep eating….and eating…okay here’s a carrot (and those carrots don’t come easy, for me anyway).Zeb



On my way back from the garden this afternoon I spotted some busy pollinators hard at work on our marigolds…now if only I can locate the hive! Any bee owners out there? I soooo want to try bee keeping one day! Nothing yummier than raw honey, mmmm.Marigold-&-Bee Marigold-&-Butterfly



Our neighboring horses love to stop by for a scratch on the nose or a free apple!  “Do you have something for me today?”NeighborHorse-Taffy2

Why yes, yes I do!




Last, but not least, these pretty girls deserve some recognition! Swamp Pups, they’re invaluable and sweet! They do have a naughty streak, mainly directed at Miss Kitty and her teasing antics, but they’re worth it! They are great deer deterrents, and make an excellent alarm when a 4-foot water moccasin decides to cruise through the yard… Yeah, that happened last week!SwampDog1 SwampDog2


Well there you have it. Everyone at the Swamp Farm is loving the debut of Fall, now if only the mosquitoes would take note and decrease in number that would be perfect! Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather wherever you are!

We are looking forward to our favorite Corn Maze, pumpkin pie, and the breezy cool weather of Autumn!

What are some of your favorite Fall-Time activities? I’d love to hear from you below!
Blessings from the Swamp Farm…