Since the success of our Summer Sale Event, we have been working hard to replenish our inventory! There are some really fun things in store for y’all, we can barely contain ourselves… so we won’t – We are SO excited to tell you that we have a new line of BEER SOAPS coming this Fall! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

Have you ever tried beer soap before? It doesn’t smell like beer, so no worries there! It DOES make an incredible lather full of creamy little bubbles! To this day it is Handsome Hubby’s favorite type of soap (I tried it for the first time a couple of years ago…and he has been savoring the last few bubbly bits while anxiously waiting for me to make more). We have six amazing scents to offer this go-around! All are made using a local Gainesville FL brewed beer, gotta love the local stuff 🙂 Pictures below.

We also have some delicious Fall flavors coming out soon (not of the beer variety), including Autumn Harvest, Pumpkin Pie and Spiced Marmalade! I may have made myself a little very hungry while creating these yummy soaps…


Here are some sneak peaks of what’s in store next month!



Our full line of beer soaps (left to right) are:
Front Row- Cocoa Malt, Lemongrass, Swamp Thing; Back Row- Lumberjack, Pillow Talk, and Orange Ale!

Orange Ale was the final scent, voted in by our Email Newsletter Subscribers as their top choice! If you would like to join in next time and voice your opinion (as well as receive freebies and promotions) then sign up today!


Here are our delicious Fall soaps (please do NOT lick your screen!)

In order: Autumn Harvest, Pumpkin Pie, and Spiced Marmalade! Mmmmm!!!!




These will all be available next month (September 2016), so keep a lookout on our store page so you don’t miss out!


Blessings from the Swamp Farm!