A Little About Jessica…


I am blessed to be the wife of the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and the mother of our two joy-filled Swamp Farm Kiddos. I attribute all my blessings in life to my Creator, Jesus Christ, and I try to never take them for granted.

Way back when, the Handsome Hubby and I were just two young (naive) kids without a care in the world. We started out in a small condo in town, with a dream to one day have our own little slice of heaven in the country. It’s been a bumpy ride, with a few sharp turns along the way, and our journey is far from over.

With a lot of sweat (seriously, a lot of sweat…it’s Florida people!), an ample amount of faith, some blood, and yes a few tears along the way… we are finally beginning to see the fruition of our “someday in the future” dreams.

And did I mention, I LOVE TO MAKE SOAP?!? What started out as a fun Christmas gift idea, has blossomed into a creative outlet that fits in perfectly with our Swamp Farm life.

Thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you love learning about and viewing my soaps and SwampFarm!